| Graduation Catologue 2016: In need of, Design Academy Eindhoven
Publication in the Graduation Catologue as part of the Graduation show 2016 'In need of' of Design Academy Eindhoven.

| Graduation show 22 - 30 Oktober 2016, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Presentation at the Graduation show of Design Academy Eindhoven, during Dutch Design Week 2016. Both my graduation projects Time Included Cloth and Apart from the Norm were showed.

| Publication Dude magazine, September 2016
Selected as part of the graduationspecial 2016. Jury: Joost Grootens, Harald Dunnink, Wieki Somers, Anne Miltenburg, Ellen Schindler, Adrian van Hooydonk, Ed van Hinte.

| Gynaecongres 19 - 20 May 2016, Eindhoven
Presentation about my project Apart from the norm in front of hundreds of gynaecologists from out of the whole country, during the Gynaecongres, organised by Maxima Medisch Centrum hospital in Veldhoven.

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